Biochemistry Research Groups

Bogomolni, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus
Biophysical chemistry, photobiology, light energy conversion and signal transduction in biological systems

Deamer, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Membrane biophysics, nanopore analysis of nucleic acids, self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules, astrobiology

Einarsdóttir, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Time-resolved spectroscopy, biophysics and bioenergetics, ligand binding and electron transfer dynamics of redox metalloproteins, heme-copper oxidases, proton translocation

Holman, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biological chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, enzymology, inhibitor design and drug discovery

Millhauser, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Electron spin resonance; nuclear magnetic resonance, melanocortin receptor signaling, agouti and agouti-related proteins, prions, solid phase protein sy

Partch, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry and biophysics, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; molecular mechanism of circadian rhythmicity

Rubin, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry and biophysical chemistry; molecular mechanisms of cell cycle regulation, nuclear magnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography

Schleich, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus
Biomedical magnetic resonance spectroscopy magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry

Scott, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Three-dimensional atomic structure and function of ribozymes, enzymes, and RNA-protein complexes, static and time-resolved X-ray crystallography, development of structure-based anti-viral agents, RNA evolution, origin of catalysis, and the origin of life.

Sgourakis, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Molecular & Structural Immunology; T cell receptor signaling dynamics; MHC-I peptide loading mechanism; Tumor neoantigen characterization (in collaboration with David Haussler’s BME group); Modeling protein complexes from sparse NMR data.

Stone, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Single-molecule Biophysics and Enzymology; Structure, function, and assembly of the telomerase ribonucleoprotein, Fluorescence Resonance
Energy Transfer (FRET), optical/magnetic trapping, sub-diffraction optical imaging of telomeres and the nucleus