Graduate Honors and Awards

Douglas Wren Award 2014ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists)

Henry and Vera Piatt Fellowship

HHMI Gilliam Fellowship

NIH Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Paul and Anne Irwin Fellowship in Cancer Research

UC Santa Cruz

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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    ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists)

  • ARCS® Foundation, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to supporting the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate scholars by providing financial awards in science, engineering and medical research.

    ♦  Miguel Pinto,  Foundation's Anniversary Award (2019-20)

    ♦  Chris Deming (2013-14)

    ♦  Brandon Heilman (2012-13)

    ♦  Yashar Abdollahian (2011-12)

    ♦  Jason Burke (2010-11)

    ♦  Darren Thompson (2006-07)


  • Henry and Vera Piatt Fellowship (Capitola-Aptos Rotary Club)

  • ♦  Keelan Guiley, Rubin Lab (2015-16)

    ♦  Christopher Deming, Chen Lab (2014-15)

    ♦   Kenji Kurita, Linington lab (2013-14)

  • HHMI Gilliam Fellowship

  • The Gilliam Fellowship program recognizes exceptional doctoral students who have the potential to be leaders in their fields and the desire to advance diversity and inclusion in the sciences.

    ♦  Gian Carlo Parico (2018)

  • NIH Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

  • ♦  Alicia Michael (Partch lab),  Rafael Palomino (Millhauser lab)  - 2014-17

  • NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

  • As the oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, the GRFP has a long history of selecting recipients who achieve high levels of success in their future academic and professional careers.  The reputation of the GRFP follows recipients and often helps them become life-long leaders that contribute significantly to both scientific innovation and teaching.

    ♦  Jocelyn Macho (MacMillan lab) 2018 - 2021

    ♦  Victoria Klein (Lokey lab) 2017-2020 

    ♦  Joseph Dahl (Lieberman lab) 2014-17

  • Paul and Anne Irwin Fellowship in Cancer Research

  • ♦  Denise McGrath, Fall 2014 (Rubin lab)

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • The University of California offers several merit-based and diversity enhancement fellowship programs to students who show potential to become excellent faculty or researchers in institutions of higher education as well as to foster multi-faceted diversity in graduate education at the University of California.

    Chancellor’s Graduate Teaching Fellows Program

    ♦  Tianyu Liu (awarded in 2014-15 for 2016-17)

    Dissertation Year Fellowship

    The Dissertation‐Year Fellowship Program (DYFP) is designed to assist graduate students to complete the dissertation requirement for the Ph.D. degree and to enhance their qualifications as candidates for university faculty teaching and research appointments.  

    Key objectives of the Dissertation‐Year Fellowship component include releasing candidates who are writing their dissertations from employment obligations that might impede full concentration on completion of the Ph.D. degree by the end of the academic year.

    Enhancing these scholars' ability to complete their dissertations is expected to increase the pool of available qualified candidates for faculty positions at the University of California and other institutions of higher education.

    ♦  Bingzhang Lu (2019-20 Chancellor's Award)

    ♦  Bin Yao (2019-20 Chemistry Department Distinguished Research Fellowship)*

    ♦  Caileen Brision (2018-19)

    ♦  John Karnes (three quarters in 2017-18), Jorge Jimenez (two quarters in 2017-18)

    ♦  Tianyu Liu (2016-17)

    ♦  Brian Leon, Hanyu Wang (2013-14)

    ♦  Gongming Wang, Damon Wheeler (2012-13)

    ♦  Honghan Fei (2011-12)

    ♦  Carley Corrado (2010-11)

    ♦  David Rogow (2009-10)

    ♦  Abe Wolcott (2008-09)

    * one qtr (selected from the DYF applicant pool in years when Chemistry Department has available funds)

    Dissertation Quarter Fellowship

     ♦   Terren Chang, Miguel Pinto 2019-20

     ♦   Limei Chen, Qtr 2016-17

     ♦  Jennifer Cassano, Spring 2015

    UCSC Graduate Research Symposium Poster Presentation Award

    ♦ Sarah Lindley, "
    Optimizing Photothermal Therapy of Oral Cancer with Hollow Gold Nanospheres"  (2016-17)

    ♦ Marc Bresler, "Porous Materials: Synthesis and Applications Discovered Through Inquiry" (2009-10)

    Madhuri Chattopadhyay, "Copper Binding in the Prion Protein: Coordination, Affinity and Cooperativity" (2005-06)

    Elisa Cooper, Honorable Mention: Yakira Landaverry and Kimberly White (2004-05)

    UCSC Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

    The Graduate Division recognizes one Outstanding Teaching Assistant in each academic department.  The winner is awarded a $200 gift certificate to the Bay Tree Bookstore.

    ♦  Chad Higa (2016-17)

    ♦  Tianyu Liu (2015-16)

    ♦  Gabe Mednick (2014-15)

    ♦  Chris Bailey (2013-14)

    ♦  William Hewitt (2012-13)

    ♦  Yashar Abdollahian (2011-12)

    ♦  Kelly Peach (2010-11)

    ♦  Caitlin Binder (2009-10)

    ♦  Jinsoo Kim (2008-09)

    ♦  Frank Rivera (2007-08)

    ♦  Greg O'Bryan (2006-07)

    ♦  Paul Ralifo, Nicholas Winter (2005-06)

  • Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Douglas Wren Award

    Recognition of a graduate student who has shown excellent progress in both research and scholarship in organic chemistry

    ♦  Colin Kelly (2017-18)

    ♦  Wiley Schultz-Simonton (2015-16)

    ♦  Chad Higa, Jennifer Petraitis (2014-15)

    ♦  Jessica Ochoa, Angel Resendez (2013-14)

     Brian Leon (2012-13)

    Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Award

    This annual award honors excellent performance by a Teaching or Course Assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The winner receives a certificate and a cash prize.

    ♦   Rachel Snelling, Ana Kareh (2017)

    ♦   Valerie Chen, Sarah Weaver (2016)

    ♦   Susan Citrak (2015)

    ♦  Jennifer Cassano, Aruna Earla (2013-14)

    ♦  Jessica St. John (2013)

    ♦   Brenda Arbsland (2011-12)

    ♦   Chie Funatogawa (2010-11)

    ♦   Will McDonald (2009-10)

    ♦   Mai Vuong (2008-09)

    ♦   Rushia Turner (2006-07)

    John and Grace Wang Award Fund in Physical Chemistry

    Recognition of a graduate student who has shown excellent progress in both research and scholarship in physical or biopysical chemistry

    ♦  Gregory Ptich (Ayzner Lab) 2018-19

    ♦  Bingzhang Lu (Chen Lab) and Bin Yao (Li Lab)  2017-18

    ♦   Yi Ping (Chen Lab) 2016-17

    Tony Fink Memorial Award

    Professor Fink was a highly regarded researcher, beloved teacher, friend, and colleague, and long-time faculty at UCSC. The award shall be based on acadamic merit. 

    ♦  Cody Freeman (Holman Lab), Christina Palka (Stone Lab), Miguel Pinto (Mascharak Lab), Graham Roseman (Millhauser Lab)  2018-19

    ♦   Tianyu Liu (Li Lab) and Alicia Michael (Partch Lab) 2016-17

    ♦   Tara deBoer (Mascharak Lab)  and Hanyu Wang (Li Lab)  (2014-15)

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