Undergraduate Honors, Awards, Scholarships

    UC Santa Cruz

  • Deans', Chancellor’s & Steck Undergraduate Awards

    Competition for these awards recognizes exceptional achievement in research projects or other creative activities. Through these awards the Deans and Chancellor wish to encourage and stimulate outstanding scholarship and creativity among undergraduate students, based on work developed in courses or programs in the normal pattern of academic activity at UCSC. Winners are honored at an awards ceremony in June during the UCSC Annual Student Achievement Week. The names of the winners are also announced at graduation. Guidelines and application forms are available starting in mid-January from the offices of the Chancellor, Divisions, Departments, and Colleges.

    Dean's Award-Fifty undergraduate students, ten from each of the five academic divisions, receive a Dean's Award (certificate and $100). Recipients are considered for the Chancellor's Award.

    ♦  2019-20 Alfred Freeberg, "Anion-Driven Conformational Changes in cK15 Regulate Circadian Rhythms."

    ♦  2019-20 Nina Harpell, "Structural Studies of a New Class of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor for Cancer Immunotherapy."

    ♦  2019-20 Madison Landi, "The Reducing Capabilities of Diisobutylaluminunm Borohydride."

    ♦  2018-19 Joshua Dillen, " Structure and Binding Kinetics of Monoclonal Antibody 1Gl Support the Inclusion of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus G Protein in Vaccine Development."

    ♦  2017-18 Ivette Perez, "The regulatory roles of alternative splicing and intrinsically disordered regions of proteins in circadian rhythms" (Carrie Partch)

    ♦  2016-17 Derek Popple, ""Removal of Oxoanion Pollutants via Silver Bipyridine Acetate" (Scott Oliver)

    2016-17 Katharine Bunch, "Determination of the Structural Mechanism of the CDK4-Cyclin D1-p27 Complex" (Seth Rubin) 

    ♦ 2015-16 Kyle Franks, "Clockwork: exploring activation mechanisms of the circadian transcription  factor  clock:bmali" (Carrie Partch Faculty Advisor)

    ♦ 2015-16 Adriana Landerson, "Investigation of a onchocerciasis biomarker derivative (glucuronic acid) viaa two component system based on boronic acid appended viologens receptors" (Carrie Partch Faculty Advisor)

    ♦ 2014-15 Colby Sandate, "Destabilization of the PAS domain core in the Earlydoors mutation of mouse Period2 accelerates the circadian clock" (Carrie Partch Faculty Advisor)

    ♦ 2014-15 Nicolette Foularte "Investigating the Molecular Mechanism of CHRONO: A Novel Repressor of the Circadian Clock" (Carrie Partch Faculty Advisor)

    ♦ 2013-14 Christopher Anderson, “Synthesis and Reactivity of Chloromagnesium Dialkylaminoborohydride”  (Bakthan Singaram and Christopher Bailey)

    ♦ 2012-13 Emerson Walker Glassey, "BioCAM: Biological and Chemical Annotation by Mode-of-Action" (Roger Linington, Scott Lokey, Walter Bray, Kenji Kurita)

    ♦ 2012-13 Panathda Victoria Bayrasy, "In Situ Generation of Dichloroindium Hydride via Reduction of Indium (III) Chloride" (Bakthan Singaram)

    Chancellor's Award- The best three students from each of the divisions will also receive a Chancellor's Award (certificate and an additional $100). Recipients are considered for the Steck Award.

    ♦ 2016-17 Derek Popple, "Removal of Oxoanion Pollutants via Silver Bipyridine Acetate" (Scott Oliver)

    ♦ 2011-12 Patrick Jack Sammons, "Inhibition of the Primary Circadian Transcription Factor by PASD1, a Cancer Testis Antigen" (Carrie Partch)

    Steck Award- In recognition of the most outstanding completed senior thesis/research project, one graduating senior will be selected as the recipient of the Steck Award. The student will receive $1,000 and a certificate. In addition, his or her senior thesis/research project will be bound and copies given to the student, the research supervisor, McHenry Library, and the Steck family, whose generous contributions have made this award possible.

  • Division of Physical & Biological Sciences

  • The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship
    1984 Dr. Kenneth Thimann, founding Dean of the PBSci Division, and his wife, Ann, established this award. Scholarships are awarded at the end of the academic year to a graduating UCSC senior, who has been accepted to graduate school and shows the most promise as a future scientist in one of the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences.

    ♦  2018 Quinn Edmondson

    ♦  2017 Derek Popple

    ♦  2015 Tyler Mathias, Colby Santate

    ♦  2013 Alexander Wollenberg

    ♦  2010 Jannise Buckley

    The Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship
    The Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship in the Physical Sciences has been awarded on our campus since the 1989-90 academic year. The scholarship fund was set up as a result of a bequest to the University of California from the estate of William Fridley, a long time resident of Santa Cruz County. The scholarship is to be awarded to an outstanding continuing undergraduate or graduate student in the physical sciences. The scholarship is awarded in the late spring.

    ♦ 2012 Brandon Heilman

    Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
    In 1986 Congress established the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program. This program's purpose is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields. UCSC is given the opportunity to nominate four applicants. Each scholarship covers eligible expenses for undergraduate tuition, fees, books, and room and board, up to a maximum of $7,500 annually.

    ♦ 2008 Honorable Mention Jaime DeSoto

    ♦ 2005 Blaise Hamel 

  • Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
    Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Drexler established this scholarship as a memorial for their son, who graduated with a degree in chemistry. It is designed to recognize outstanding UCSC Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduates. Students receive a certificate presented at the annual Bunnett Lecture and up to $5,000 in support of their education.

    ♦ 2019-20 Dana Byrne, Nina Harpell, Jack Palmer, Melissa Thompson, Joey Wong

    ♦ 2018-19 Alfred Freeberg, Leonardo Rivera Garcia, Katelyn Murphy, Lindsey Myers, Carolin Wahl, Keith Walcott

    ♦ 2017-18  Amanda Brewer, Quinn Edmondson, Enrique Moya, Michael Scroggins, Gavin Smith, Aidan Tousley

    ♦ 2016-17  Elise Brown, Katheirne Bunch, Savannah Conlon, Derek Popple

    ♦  2015-16 Kassidy Herbert, Chrissa Karagiannis, Rachel Lewis, Hanh Truong, Daniel Wu, 

    ♦ 2014-15 River Charles, Henry Foster, Nicolette Goularte, Kurt Lindquist, Nuttha Mahakancha, Matthew Marquis, Alexander Martin, Mary Matros, Rachel Silva, Manisah Yedla

    ♦ 2013-14 Keene Abbott, Jessie Dibble, James Hadley, Aviv Spillinger, Tianyao Yuan

    ♦ 2011-12 Panathda Bayrasy, Jordan Edberg, Calvin Leung, Phillip Wang, Andre Yahyavi

    ♦ 2010-11 Kalkidan Asrat, Kimberly Davis, Vu La, Waseem Lutfi, David Woo

    Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship 
    In 1988 Mr. Henry Renard established the fund in memory of his daughter. The scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding UCSC chemistry undergraduate students. This is a 4 year scholarship, paid out over 4 years,  which is "renewed" each year as long as the student remains in excellent academic progress. Students receive a certificate presented at the annual Bunnett Lecture and $7,000 each academic year in support of their education.

    ♦ 2019-20 Ariella Stewart

    ♦ 2018-19 Frances Li

    ♦ 2017-18 Sarah Highducheck

    ♦ 2016-17 Caitlyn Biggs

    ♦ 2015-16 Shreya Mathur

    ♦ 2013-14 Frances Hamkins-Indik

    ♦ 2011-12 James Hadley

    ♦ 2007-08 Jeremy Tsang

    Joseph F Bunnett Undergraduate Research Prize
    This departmental award named in honor of Professor Bunnett, was established in 1999. Students must be in their final year (senior) and have begun a research project. Students are honored at the annual Bunnett lecture and receive $300 in support of their education.

    ♦  2019-20  Ana Paula Kitos Vasconcelos, Isai Lopez, Stella Knowlton

    ♦  2018-19  Felix Hubert, Timothy Kung, Alexis Munoz, Alexandra Turmon

    ♦  2017-18  Quinn Edmondson, Diana Lucas-Baca, Ryan Manley, Tristan Maschmeyer, Enrique Moya, Paul Zerebinski

    ♦  2016-17 Allison Cheney, Savannah Conlon, Yongtong Lao, Jeremy Papesh

    ♦  2015-16 David Coppage, Andrew Ly, Cassandra Naphen, Randy West

    ♦ 2014-15 Lyns Etiene, Zefan Hurley, Wendall Scott, Ruth Zuniga

    ♦ 2013-14 Alexander Joh, Nicholas Lorig Roach, Laurence Niadj, Priera Panescu

    ♦ 2012-13 Jesus Benitez, Valerie Chen, Tanya Cohen, Emerson Glassey, Jessica Golden

    ♦ 2011-12 Ashley Chacon, Niels Hauksson, Clarissa Tadeus, Alexander Wollenberg

    ♦ 2010-11 Katernia Levitan, Eva Murdock, Jeremy Tsang

    Sharon Ann Hibdon Undergraduate Opportunities Award
    This fund honors Sharon Ann Hibdon, a research specialist at UC Santa Cruz from 1995 to 2015. Sharon succumbed to mesothelioma, a rare, currently incurable, asbestos-related cancer, in October 2015. Sharon's husband, Christopher Murray, established this scholarship as a memorial for her. It is designed to recognize outstanding UCSC Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduates through awards to further their research and professional development opportunities. Student support can be used for professional development activities such as travel to a conference, research supplies, summer support, or hourly salary for research or laboratory work.

    ♦  2018-19 Kareem Bdeir

    Tony Fink Memorial Student Award
    Professor Anthony ‘Tony’ Fink, a highly regarded researcher, beloved teacher, friend, and colleague, and long-time faculty at UC Santa Cruz. The Tony Fink Memorial Student Award shall be based on academic merit. Both graduate and undergraduate students will be eligible for the award. The purpose of the award is to encourage graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in disciplines related to human health and biological chemistry. Students are honored at the Tony Fink Memorial Lecture and receive $250 in support of their education.

    ♦  2018-19 Alfred Freeberg, Hochebori Ouattara, Natalia Ubilla

    ♦  2016-17  Lewis Bonny, Elise Brown

    ♦  2014-15 Shannon Barbour, Tara deBoer, Tyler Steven Mathis, Hanyu Wang, Colby Sandate


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