Graduate Housing Resources

Family Student Housing community at UCSC's West Entrance

There are several different housing options to choose from: on-campus housing that includes apartments for single graduate students, the family student housing units, the RV park, a limited number of resident preceptorships in the individual colleges on campus, and off-campus housing. The website for housing is

On-Campus Housing

A limited amount of on-campus housing is available. It is best to apply as early as possible.

Bordered by redwood trees, furnished apartments for single graduate students are located on the west side of campus and are about a five-minute walkGrad student housing from science hill. City and campus bus stops are nearby, and on-site parking is available. The apartments were designed with privacy, energy conservation, and aesthetics in mind. For further information about these apartments or the 42 space camper park - available to students who own recreational vehicles - contact Graduate Student Housing, 401 Heller Drive, (831) 459-5712. Graduate students also may apply to the individual colleges for a limited number of resident preceptorships.

Married students, domestic partners and students with dependent children may live in Family Student Housing, a group of unfurnished two-bedroom apartments located on the west side of campus. These apartments are in demand, and students often wait up to 15 months for a vacancy. Those interested should apply as soon as possible. Further information is available from the Family Student Housing Office, Community Building, (831) 459-2549.

Off-Campus Housing

The local community offers a range of housing possibilities. Students are encouraged to begin their search at least four to six weeks before classes start. To assist students looking for housing in the community, the Community Rentals Program maintains current rental listings and names of students who want to share living accommodations. The Community Rentals Program is located in the Social Sciences 2 Building, Room 56, and can be reached by calling (831) 459-4435 or by email at

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