Declaring the Major

Students may declare a major as early as they would like if they have decided which major to pursue and have satisfied prerequisites or qualification requirements (if any) for the major.

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to be formally declared in a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Upper division transfer students are required to be declared in a major by the deadline in their second term at UCSC.

Each major/minor advising office has a process for declaring.

←  ←  ←  Please utilize the links on the left for more information on qualifying and the process to declare. 

Double Major and Chem Minor Policy

A double major of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) with any biological sciences or chemistry major is not permitted.

Should you choose to double major, you must meet the qualification criteria for both majors.

Students electing a double major or a chemistry minor may not use the online petition to declare.  Students should obtain a signed UCSC Academic Planning Form from their first major adviser then bring a copy of that plan to the second major adviser. The second major adviser will review policy and time to degree guidelines on a quarter-by-quarter basis to determine ability to complete the program within the maximum number of quarters of enrollment available to you at UCSC. Advisers from both programs will sign both your Petition for Declaration of Major and your Academic Planning Form.

More information on Double Majors and Minors may be found at the following link:

Appeal Process

Students who do not meet the qualification criteria may appeal by writing a letter to the Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty Advisor.  The Faculty Advisor will review and respond to appeals within 15 business days.  Decisions on appeals will be emailed to students and their colleges.

Appeals should be submitted via email to by the appeal deadline for the quarter in which you did not qualify. Appeals can be sent as an attachment or written directly into the body of the email.

Appeals do not have to be a certain length, but should clearly and concisely explain the reason you are appealing. 

All appeals must contain the following information at the top of the appeal letter:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Major you wish to declare

In the body of your appeal letter, explain the extenuating circumstances that influenced your academic performance. Identify solutions/resources you are using or intend to use to improve your academic performance in the future. Include anything else you feel is relative to explaining your circumstance. 

Please note that the information you share in your appeal or with your advisers will be kept confidential and shared only with campus officials as required to serve you in an advising capacity or process your appeal. However, in limited circumstances, including those related to potential harm to yourself or others, sexual assault, and abuse, we may be required by law to report incidents you disclose to other need-to-know offices on campus such as the Title IX Office and/or University of California Police Department. If you are in need of support for any issues, please see the list of confidential and/or support resources.