Senior Exit Requirements

Also referred to as the Senior Comprehensive Requirement, all students must satisfy the Senior Exit to graduate.  

For Chemistry majors, this requirement can be satisfied in one of the following ways:

  1. Senior Thesis (CHEM 195A,B,& C) or a
  2. Senior Essay (CHEM 194)

Please see the links at the left to find out more details on each.

For BMB majors, this requirement is satisfied with a senior exit lab:

One of the following laboratory courses - 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BIOC) 110L, Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 100L, Biochemistry Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 103L, Toxic RNA II Laboratory 

Biology (BIOL) 105L, Eukaryotic Genetics Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 106L, Eukaryotic Genetic Engineering

Biology (BIOL) 109L, Yeast Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 110L, Cell Biology Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 115L, Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 121L, Environmental Phage Biology Laboratory

Biology (BIOL) 186L, Undergraduate Research in MCD Biology

Microbiology (METX) 119L, Microbiology Lab

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