Senior Thesis

As of Fall 2020, the Senior Essay is no longer a requirement for the CHEM BS or CHEM BA. Check in with Chemistry Advising for more details.

The submission of the Senior thesis is the last step in the program leading to the award of your degree. Your manuscript is a scholarly statement of the results of a substantial period of research and preparation. Your research advisor will receive a copy of your final thesis, and it will be made available for future students in the program’s majors.

The Senior thesis describes the results of original research conducted under the supervision of a member of the Department of Chemistry faculty.

Completion of a thesis is generally a year long commitment.

Guide to completing a thesis:

1.  Find a faculty member willing to sponsor you.  Getting involved in an undergraduate research project is not like signing up for a class. Instead, it is much more like obtaining a job - you need to find an available research position and then sell yourself for that position. Refer to our Undergraduate Research Page for guidelines and the commitment on your part that will need to be made. 

2.  Write your research proposal with guidance from your faculty sponsor.

3.  Your faculty member will guide your research, data analysis and content, as well as the write up of your thesis.

  • CHEM 195A Senior Research
  • CHEM 195B Senior Research
  • CHEM 195C Senior Thesis

5.  Write your thesis. Please refer to the following guidelines.

6.  Submit your finished thesis to your sponsor by the last day of instruction. (NOTE: *Friday of the 7th week of the quarter to be considered for honors in the thesis or by Friday of week 8 (no consideration for honors)).

7.  In order to record your senior exit requirement for degree checkout puposes, a signed cover sheet must be submitted to the department for our records.

You can fulfill this step by using the online form and signature approval process.

  •  After completeing the form, you will receive a request from DocVerify in your inbox with instructions to review and electronically sign your submission.  
  •  Once you have e-signed, your faculty adviser will then receive a similiar request to review and electronically sign.
  •  Once both parties have signed, everyone (including the department) will receive a signed copy from DocVerify.

NOTE: Students currently conducting senior thesis research are recommended to choose an advanced laboratory in the Chemistry 146-series that is outside their research area.

*Honors in the Senior Thesis: If your faculty sponsor feels your thesis is worthy of honors, they may select a fellow faculty member to review the thesis and determine that honors are warranted. Once a second reader has concurred and added their signature to your senior thesis, you will receive honors in the senior thesis on your final transcript.

Students may view Senior Theses completed by former chemistry majors. They are available in PSB 230 during drop in hours. Theses may not be removed from the office or photocopied.

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