4 Year Plans

Note: The General Catalog Program Statement is the official record for all degree requirements.

Chemistry Program Statement

The table below is an abridged list of course prerequisites. For the official full prerequisite statement, please refer to the following for each course:

These plans are just one EXAMPLE of how to schedule classes to graduate in 4 years. The four-year plans presented in these sample plans demonstrate the recommended sequencing and timing of the required and elective components within each major.  

Other schedules may be equally valid, and in many cases, a student’s academic background will require variations in the timing of the coursework listed in the plan. (One example:  the 4-year plans available here assume that students will begin the required MATH series at MATH 11A or 19A. Students who are required to complete MATH 2 and/or MATH 3 before beginning the major-required MATH series are invited (and highly encouraged) to work with their academic adviser, early and often, to find their best pathway through the degree requirements of their chosen program.

Remember to add your General Education requirements to your plan.




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