Academic Planning Tools

Degree Checklist

Start by learning which classes are required for the major you hope to pursue by utlizing the Degree Checklist. Researching a major's requirements early is important, so you can be sure to take the necessary classes to both meet the major's qualification requirements and to confirm your interest in and ability to succeed in the major.  

  • Compare Chemistry and Biochemistry degree plans side by side to choose the option that works best for you.

  • Track the degree requirements you’ve completed, and see which courses you still need to take.

4 year plans - Academic Maps

An academic map is a term by term sequence of courses required to complete the degree in four years. Plans have been devloped for each of our majors and concentrations which lists the courses needed to complete your degree in the suggested order in which courses should be taken. The plans lay out which of those classes have prerequisites and need to be taken in sequence or are only offered in a particular quarter. 

  • 4 year plans keeps students “on track” for degree completion.
  • Your 4 year plan needs to be revisted and verified with the tools provided at least once a year.
  • Plans provided are just one EXAMPLE of how to schedule classes to graduate in 4 years. Other schedules may be equally valid.


We have compiled the current year offerings as a tool to help you plan.

Plan accordingly for those courses which may only be offered once a year.  Be aware that department curriculum plans are subject to change and what was offered in a certain quarter the previous year may not be the case in the following.  

  • Verify when courses will be offered for the current year. 

Use the links at left for a step-by-step approach. Contact the Chemistry adviser if you have questions.  

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