Enrollment Updates

Updated 5/12/21

All lower division CHEM labs for Fall 2021 (CHEM 1M, CHEM 1N, & CHEM 8L) will be remote. All upper division CHEM labs offered in Fall 2021 (CHEM 122 & CHEM 146A) will be in-person. 

CHEM & BIOC lecture sections have both remote & in-person offerings.

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department will be monitoring enrollment numbers throughout the enrollment period and adjusting capacities as possible/necessary*.

*Students should waitlist for Chemistry courses that are full, especially if the sections are full but the total course enrollment has not been met. 


Students should have received an email on May 10 from academicadvising@ucsc.edu that has a link to instructions on Understanding the Fall 2021 Class Schedule.

The instructions define course modalities (In-Person, Online, Remote, Hybrid--as well as Synchronous and Asynchronous) and outline how to tell if the course and/or lab or discussion section you want to take will be in-person or remote or hybrid.

Please carefully look through these instructions as they will guide you to building a Fall schedule without enrollment/time conflicts.

The short instructions to follow:
If a course (or lab or discussion section) has a classroom listed as the location, it will be offered in-person on the day/time listed in the schedule.

If a course (or lab or discussion section) doesn't have a classroom listed (instead lists 'Remote Instruction' or something similar), it will NOT be in person but may be at a certain time.

Some courses, discussion sections or labs may have a combination of in-person and online/remote, so please pay close attention when making your schedule.

Please check in both your UCSC active and spam/junk email folders for the message.

*For enrollment information/procedures/updates on BIOL courses, including BIOL 101L, 104L and 189W-02, visit the MCD enrollment website: https://mcd.ucsc.edu/academics/undergraduate/enrollment/index.html

*For updates on courses sponsored by other departments (non CHEM/BIOC courses), please visit the appropriate department websites. 


Enrolled students who do not attend their first lab meeting will be dropped.  Attendance will be taken in the first 10 minutes, students not present when roll is taken will be dropped from the lab and their seats given to those on the wait list. 

1. Gen Chem Labs (1M and 1N) do not have a lab lecture.  O Chem labs (8L and 8M) do - held once a week.

2. O Chem Labs (8L and 8M): All students enrolled, waitlisted, or seeking a seat in a lab - MUST attend the first class meeting (lab lecture) which is noted in the schedule of classes.

Gen Chem

1M and 1N

O Chem

8L and 8M

Dropped if do not attend first lab meeting? (applies to enrolled students only) Yes Yes
Weekly Lecture in addition to lab section? No Yes
Waitlist attend weekly lecture? Not applicable Yes
Waitlist attend first lab section? No No

3. "Crashing" of lab sections: Only enrolled students (not including waitlist) may attend the first lab. If you are on the wait list - you must wait for confirmation notification by the Registrar's Office regarding your official enrollment in a lab section prior to attending the lab section. 

Waitlists manage all enrollment. Crashing courses while on a waitlist may be a common practice for some lectures but in the case of all Chemistry labs - "crashing" is not an option...even if you are on the waitlist for the lab. If a seat opens up, you will be notified.  At that time, reach out to both the instructor and TA for further instructions.  

Gen Chem labs are offered every quarter.  Students do have the option of delaying the lab for a future quarter if the lab sections are full. Enrollment is not concurrent:  CHEM 1B lecture / CHEM 1M lab      CHEM 1C lecture / CHEM 1N lab


First Year Students: Sequencing of General Chemistry 1A, 1B, 1C

Please note that CHEM 1A and CHEM 1B do not have to be taken in order These are 2 separate courses that do not build upon each other. You may take 1B prior to 1A. You may take 1A, 1C and then 1B. CHEM 1B does not have any pre-requisites. CHEM 1A requires placement in Math 3 or equivalent (ALEKS placement scoreAP test scores, or AM 3). CHEM 1C requires a prerequisite of CHEM 1A. Please keep this in mind if you find your Gen Chem course is full. You may have other options!

CHEM 1B/1M: If you are currently wait listing CHEM 1B and are not enrolled in CHEM 1B you will not be able to wait list a 1M lab unless you have passed CHEM 1B previously.

CHEM 1C/1N: If you are currently wait listing CHEM 1C and are not enrolled in CHEM 1C you will not be able to wait list a 1N lab unless you have passed CHEM 1C previously.


CHEM 8M: enrollment is restricted (for Winter enrollment) during first pass to those majors in which it is a requirement. Enrollment restriction will lift during second pass. CHEM 8M is offered both Winter and Spring Quarter.

CHEM 8A: If class is full, enroll onto the wait list. Once you are enrolled from the wait list into 8A you can then wait list 8L.

CHEM 8L: You will not be able to wait list 8L unless you are enrolled in 8A or have previoiusly taken 8A. 

CHEM 8B and 8M: same as CHEM 8A and 8L

CHEM 110/L: enrollment is restricted to chemistry majors, minors and proposed majors. Students outside of chemistry who wish to take this course should complete the below Enrollment Request Form. Once all chemistry majors have had an opportunity to enroll into CHEM 110/L, and if there are still seats available, those on the request form will be contacted via email with next steps. Entering your information on the form does not guarantee your enrollment into the course or lab.

Non chemistry students needing a third quarter of organic chemistry should enroll into CHEM 109. 

**CHEM 109 and CHEM 110L cannot be taken together/CHEM 109 does not substitute CHEM 110. CHEM 110 is the pre-requisite for CHEM 110L. 

CHEM 110/L Enrollment Request Form


All Chemistry courses will have a wait list.  Do not contact the instructor asking for a permission code.

Wait lists will be available at the start of  Second Pass enrollment:  Log in to MyUCSC to view your wait list appointment time. For your best chance at becoming enrolled, add or swap onto a wait list as soon as they become available.

All wait lists will be set to auto-enroll unless otherwise noted:  Students will be automatically enrolled as space becomes available in the course. The auto-enroll process runs every 30 minutes during business hours. Students are notified when they become enrolled in the course and when they have been passed over for enrollment.  

Wait lists will manage enrollment:  If you want to enroll in a full course, you MUST enroll onto the wait list.  To allow for fair access to enrollment, the wait list will be the only means of becoming enrolled in the course.  Individual requests to instructors or the department will not be entertained, all students will be directed to enroll onto the wait list.

Independent Study Petition for Fall, Winter or Spring Quarter - If you need an independent study course number for enrollment for either your Senior Essay, Thesis, or Lab Research - this process has now moved online. Remember you must have an informal agreement in place with the Professor prior to completing this form.

Senior Exit Requirement (Thesis or Essay) - Reminder - in order for this requirement to be considered complete, we must have a signed cover sheet on file. This process is online.