Senior Exit Cover Sheet

This form is to be completed ONLY after you have submitted your final thesis or essay to your faculty sponsor.

In order to record your senior exit requirement for degree checkout puposes, a signed cover sheet must be submitted to the department for our records.

You can now fulfuill that step by using the below online form and signature approval process.

The Department uses DocuSign for completing and approving forms that previously required a manual signature and routing.  Our intent is to make our forms easier to complete, route, review, and sign, saving time and effort for everyone involved.  Please click on the button below to start the process and access the Senior Exit Cover sheet form.  Your faculty mentor will be part of the routing process for approval so make sure their contact information is correct.


Step 1: Enter all required information. You will not be able to complete the form until all fields are completed. Be sure to enter your information and your faculty sponsor's information correctly. **Be sure to use your UCSC email and your faculty sponsor's UCSC email address.

Step 2: Click 'BEGIN SIGNING'. You will receive a pop-up message directing you to your email. Sign into your email and click on the notification you received from DocuSign to complete signing the form.

Step 3: Once you have signed your form, it will be sent to your faculty sponsor to e-sign. Once they have e-signed, all parties will receive an email of the completed form.

Step 4: The confirmation page is your last step. Keep the confirmation for your records. Advising will put a confirmation in your file to use when they process your graduation

Senior Exit Form Docusign