Reader Grader Application and Information

*** You have to re-apply at the beginning of each quarter ***



Katie Cramton
(831) 459-4823
Chemistry & Biochemistry Department – PSB 230


Reader/Graders: grading homework sets, laboratory reports, midterm and final exams for undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry courses in a timely manner, including: detailed scoring, record keeping, and communicating regularly with assigned faculty and/or teaching assistant. A reader/grader shall not work more than 40 hours in any one week or work more than 8 hour in any one day.


1. The student should have taken the class for which they want to grade and have received a grade of B or higher.

2. The student should have a GPA of 3 or higher in their Chemistry & Biochemistry classes.

3. The student must be in good academic standing.

4. Chemistry majors have priority in the hiring process.

5. Currently enrolled students are prohibited from working over 50% during the academic year, without Provost (undergraduate) or Graduate Division (graduate) approval. 

6. International students cannot be hired as a grader

7. Graduate and Undergraduate students on a Leave of Absence cannot be hired as a grader


While all students are welcome to apply for a Reader/Grader appointment, it is advised that each student first make contact with faculty, as follows.

1. Identify the class(es) for which you are interested and qualified to work. You can check the quarterly class offerings in the Schedule of Classes or the departmental website under Academics/Courses/Proposed Curriculum Plan 

2. Check to see if the grading schedule matches your availability. Faculty will have their exam schedule posted on their syllabi which can be found on the departmental website under Adademics/Courses/Course Websites & Syllabi


1. Contact the individual faculty who are teaching each of the classes you want to grade for.  Applications are accepted after the second week of the quarter for which you are applying.

2. Faculty will approve your request and will contact you to apply for the position using this form: Chemistry Department Reader/Grader Application

4. Please download this form, fill out the top portion (Section 1), and email to Katie Cramton

5. An offer letter will be emailed to you. You MUST review the letter, and reply to the email saying 'I accept' before you can begin work.

You must wait to receive a notice of acceptance from Katie (NOT the Grader Appointment Letter) before you begin work.  In most cases, it will take 1-2 weeks for your application to be processed.


See below if you are not currently working on campus.


You must sign employment forms in the Physical & Biological Sciences Business Office (509 Physical Sciences Building) BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORKING. Office hours are 10:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 5:00. Please bring acceptable documents to confirm your eligibility to work in the U.S. (e.g, driver's license and social security card, passport, etc.) when you come to sign forms. For a complete list of acceptable documents, see page 9 of the I-9 Form at:

You may be in the payroll system already if you are currently working on campus or have worked on campus in the last three months.

As you complete the employment paperwork, we strongly suggest you apply for direct deposit of your paycheck. You will receive your money quicker and avoid having to make a special trip to our office to pick up your bi-weekly paycheck. Staff and office hours have been reduced, which impacts our availability to help you. To learn how to access At Your Service, please click here, and scroll to the bottom of the page.


With CruzPay, you can access your timesheet online at any time and from any computer where you have internet access.

Your pay period is from Saturday to Saturday (a two week period). It is imperative that you enter your hours by the end of each pay period (every other Saturday) – be sure to ‘submit’ your timesheet! 

The faculty member(s) for whom you are grading will use CruzPay to approve your timesheet(s).

First-time CruzPay Users: Account information is sent to your campus e-mail account (i.e. ‘CruzID’ from the sender "CruzPay Office" < > Please read the communication carefully as it provides user ID and password information, as well as links to helpful information about using CruzPay. As soon as you receive your account information you may log into CruzPay and start using it.  

Current and previous CruzPay Users:  Individuals who currently use, or have previously used, CruzPay will not receive an account e-mail but will have the appropriate functionality enabled on their existing account. Contact CruzPay Help if you need a password reset (

Questions? Contact CruzPay Help (


Paychecks are issued every other Wednesday. Late timesheets may result in a two week delay of pay. The pay dates calendar is available here.

The department office is open Monday through Friday 9-12 and 1-4. Paychecks not picked up within five business days will be sent back to the Campus Payroll Office and must be picked up there.


You will be assigned a certain number of hours per quarter. It is important that you stay within your allocated hours. Please notify the faculty if you cannot complete your grading with the number of hours allocated to you.

Most Reader/Graders in Chemistry & Biochemistry are appointed to grade exams (mid-terms and finals) at times throughout the quarter that are specific to each class. You will need to stay in contact with the instructor to coordinate these grading sessions. Be sure that the instructor has accurate contact information and please respond to the instructor’s contacts in a timely manner.

There are a few faculty that request to have Reader/Graders appointed to assist with weekly grading of homework and/or quizzes. The next paragraphs provide advice for these weekly appointments.

First, you need to make contact immediately with the professor of the course you are grading for and find out how you will be getting the work from the professor. You should set up a schedule and adhere to it. Homework must be returned on time.

You also need to have a discussion with the instructor about the expectations of grading. Find out if you will be given solutions sets from the professor, the TA, or from a book. It is not your responsibility to do the homework before you can start grading.

Competent record keeping is essential for this job since homework scores are used to determine the students’ grades. Find out what kind of scorekeeping is expected, what kind of comments are helpful, etc. It is important to clarify this before you begin grading.


Your rehire as a reader is contingent upon your supervisor's rating of your performance along with your compliance with department policy (i.e. staying within allotted hours etc.). You will have a better chance of success if the expectations are clearly outlined in the beginning of the quarter and if you perform your job responsibly. In addition, if you are experiencing any difficulties balancing demands with your allotted time or should any conflicts with the professor arise, please come into the Chemistry department office ASAP.