Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major

Minimum Requirements

To be considered for admission to UCSC as a biochemistry and molecular biology major, transfer students must pass equivalents of the following courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher:

  • Chemistry 1A, General Chemistry
  • Chemistry 1B, General Chemistry
  • Chemistry 1C, General Chemistry
  • Chemistry 8A, Organic Chemistry
  • Biology (BIOL) 20A, Cell and Molecular Biology

and in one of the following calculus courses:

  • Mathematics 11A, Calculus with Applications
  • Mathematics 19A, Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Recomended Preparatory Courses

In addition to the required transfer admissions courses listed above, we strongly recommend that all transfer students complete equivalents of the following preparatory courses prior to transfer:

  • Biology (BIOE) 20B, Development & Physiology
  • Math 11B, Calculus with Applications or MATH 19B, Calculus for Sci, Eng, and Math
  • Chemistry 8B/M, Organic Chemistry with Lab
  • Chemistry 8L, Organic Chemistry Lab
  • MATH 22, Introduction to Calculus of Several Variables

Failure to do so will require additional time to degree.  Please refer to the following academic planners that detail student plans without the recommended preparatory courses listed above.

(If your schedule allows, we also suggest completing at least one quarter/semester of calculus-based physics with lab and and/or one term of statistics at your community college. You can also complete them after transfer without negatively affecting your competitiveness for admission to UC but be aware you may have one to two quarters with a full load of Stem courses.)

Students planning to transfer to UCSC as a chemistry major from a California community college should reference to determine which courses are equivalent to these required courses.

BMB 2 year plan


Declaring Your Major

Junior transfer students must declare a major by the deadline in their second quarter. Please check the Academic and Administrative Calendar for deadline information.   Most students are considered “proposed” or “undeclared” majors until they complete the declaration of major petition and gain acceptance into their chosen program.