Transfer FAQ

I was admitted to UCSC, now what?

First, congratulations! Next, you want to make sure you meet the deadlines and conditions of your Admission. Continue to check your student portal (and email) for updates/information. If you have questions about deadlines or what you are seeing in your portal, please contact Admissions directly. Also you want to make sure you follow the instructions from the Orientation Office. Not completing your Orientation will delay your enrollment. 

At the beginning to mid July, you can expect to receive an email from our office welcoming you to the department. This email will also include course equivalency credit information, what we recommend you enroll into for Fall quarter and more! Check your email! 

Can I graduate in 2 years? 

Maybe. This is different for each transfer student and depends on how much of the major specific course work you completed at your community college. Students who completed the minimum introductory coursework should anticipate it taking 7-9 quarters and/or summer school to complete their major. 

Please refer to the following academic planners that detail student plans without the recommended preparatory courses listed above. (These planners are examples only - actual planners will vary). 

How long do I get to complete my degree?

A max of 9 quarters. 

I got a C- in a course that is required for the major, do I still need to retake it? 

Yes! Grades of C or better are considered passing. Anything below a C must be repeated. 

When do I declare my major?

Upper division transfer students are required to be declared in a major by the deadline in their second term at UCSC. The declaration process will vary by department. The declaration process for our office can be found here 

How do I enroll into classes? 

The Registrar has a great FAQ that can assist you with enrolling! Have questions about enrollment appointments? They have a FAQ for that too! 

What classes do I take my first quarter?

In the email we sent you (mid July), it includes what we recommend you take for Fall. Our recommendation is typically 2 classes for the major. This information is based on what you self reported to UCSC and when courses are offered. We advise that you enroll into the 2 recommended courses for the major and a third course. This third course should be a course that is of interest to you and not something you have already taken at your community college. It should be in an discipline outside of your major. 

In some cases, we only recommended one course. If this is the case for you, you will need to add 2 additional courses to your schedule that are in areas of interest to you and courses you have not taken at your community college.

What does my college advisor do? What does my major advisor do?

Each college has an academic advising team that can provide support in transitioning to the university, understanding university requirements and policies, exploring academic interests, and supporting your academic success.

Program (major, minor, or "department") advisers provide support for major and minor programs. They can help you understand major requirements, prerequisites, and how to plan courses for your major, and can advise you on the major's qualification requirements (if any).  

When do I meet with my major advisor?

We recommend you make an appointment to come in sometime during your first quarter at UCSC. 

How do I make an appointment/contact with my major advisor? 

Visit our website to see when we have appointments and drop in hours (hours may vary from quarter to quarter). Instructions to make an appointment can be found on this page as well. 

Email inquiries may be sent to Be sure to email from your UCSC email account and include your name and student ID along with your inquiry.