Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty

Christopher H. Becker, Adjunct Professor
Biological mass spectrometry, therapeutic protein development, biomarker development, chemical physics.

Kenneth W. Bruland, Professor of Ocean Sciences
Chemical oceanography; biogeochemistry of trace metals and radionuclides, aquatic chemistry and geochemistry

Phillip Berman, Professor of Biomolecular Engineering
Development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, as well as the development of new technology for commercial production of complex recombinent glycoproteins

Manel Camps, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
Molecular mechanisms of reactive DNA methylation toxicity

Bill Fitch, Adjunct Professor
Drug Metabolism and Mass Spectrometry

A. Russell Flegal, Professor of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
Anthropogenic perturbations of biogeochemical cycle

Jinghua Guo, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Surface and interface science of nanocatalysts and carbon-based materials, soft X-ray spectroscopy, in-situ characterization of energy-storage, catalytic and photoelectrochemical reactions

Greg L. Hura, Associate Adjunct Professor
Mechanisms of biological macromolecules inspire nanoscale engineering strategies and provide insights into disease. Biochemistry and biophysics

Roger Linington, Adjunct Professor
Natural products, chemical biology and high-throughput screening

Holger Schmidt, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Optofluidics, integrated biophotonics, single molecule analysis on a chip; nanoscale devices

Donald R. Smith, Professor of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
Molecular, cellular, and organismal responses to metals. Neurotoxicology and therapeutic treatment of metal poisoning

Thomas Webb, Adjunct Professor
Medicinal and synthetic chemistry, drug design, pharmacophore methods, natural product analogs, enzymes for organic synthesis and drug discovery, anticancer and antiviral drug discovery, spliceosome chemical biology, and new therapeutic targets in cancer