Jevgenij Raskatov

TitleAssistant Professor
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentChemistry & Biochemistry Department
Phone831-459-2978 (Office),
831-459-4669 (Lab)
Web Site The Raskatov Laboratory
OfficePhysical Sciences Bldg 356 (Office),
Physical Sciences Bldg 379 (Lab)
Campus Mail StopChemistry
Jevgenij Raskatov

Research Interests

The Raskatov Lab: Disease-Oriented Chemical Biology.

We draw inspiration from aging-related medicinally challenging questions, which are becoming increasingly pressing as life expectancy continues to rise (the cancer/inflammation interface is of specific interest). We identify biomolecular signaling nodes that are sufficiently well-understood at the molecular level, so that a biology problem can be translated into a chemistry problem. As chemists we synthesize molecules and study their properties by means of NMR spectroscopy, crystallography and DFT computation. Molecular scaffolds that show initial promise are tested in relevant biological systems.


Prof. Raskatov is a Humboldt Fellow. Eligible postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply