Fees and Important Information

Summary of UCSC Mass Spectrometer Core Facility Use*

Please contact Professor Ted Holman for current fee schedule:


Warning: Please read the “Sample Preparation” guidelines document. Any individual found to harm instruments in the facility will be first be warned and immediately invited to refresh their skills. If a second incident occurs, then serious action will be taken including the following. (1) The expense of repairs or trouble shooting will be directly billed to the lab PI. (2) The entire lab will be banned from the instrument for a period TBA evaluated on case-by-case. 

The operation/user model described above has the potential of saving us down-time and repair costs. However, it also has the potential of damaging the instrument if poorly trained individuals do harm to the equipment.

 If you have problems with the Orbitrap or believe that the Orbitrap needs maintenance, here is the path for action. (a) Make a log book entry with a recommendation. (b) Complete a “Report a Problem” form. (c) Send emails to various individuals at: Qiangli Zhang (qzhang@ucsc.edu), Aby (abrgreen@ucsc.edu), and Christine (cmtheodo@ucsc.edu). Whichever individual is on call at the time will respond to you promptly and check the machine as soon as possible. Currently, Christine and Aby are responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, training and troubleshooting/calling Thermo for all the Orbitrap needs. Though Li will know how to use/maintain the Orbitrap, she will focus on the LTQ. AT NO POINT SHOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO FIX THE INSTRUMENT ON YOUR OWN. SERIOUS HARM TO THE INSTRUMENT IS POSSIBLE BY AN INEXPERIENCED USER.

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