April 29, 2015

To: UCSC Science MS Facility Usurers

From: NSF MRI MS grant Co-PI’s Crews & Holman

What: Rejuvenated MS Facility

Why: The 2014 NSF CHE‐1427922 MRI grant has been funded

How: Equipment now in the lab: (i) LC-MS-LTQ (purchased in 2006), (ii) LTQ-Orbitrap Velos Pro MS (installed Dec 21, 2104)


Preamble: The new orbitrap brings the first instrument to the campus possessing high mass accuracy in full ion scan, and MSn modes accompanied by substantial resolving power. We promised the NSF that, the new equipment, for the analysis of small molecules would: (a) re-invigorate our core MS lab, (b) enhance the significance and impact of our research, (c) bring cutting edge experiments and data to our class rooms, and (d) open up new avenues in UCSC programs by using MS to recruit and train students and postdocs.


Complications: There are going to be the following challenges. (1) Facility manager, Li Zhang, is only 50% time. (2) The facility will be staffed less 15 hrs/week – see dry erase board outside PSB 339 for schedule. (3) The facility Web site which will summarize six information categories: (a) Fees, (b) Sample Preparation guidelines, (c) Services, (d) Register for Training, (e) Samples Submitted for operator assistance, and (f) Report a Problem 


Facility Strategies: The facility manager Li will spend most of her on the running LTQ operation, involving proteomics samples and maintain both instruments. The facility manager Li, adjunct Professor Bill Fitch and selected postdocs are developing procedures for the Orbitrap operation. Training and running of samples on the Orbitrap will be limited as follows. (1) Expertise on LTQ is required before Orbitrap training (2) Training will occur on a case by case basis, but may take up to 2 weeks to schedule. (3) SUPER USERERS (one per lab) will be trained by lab professionals (Li or Bill) or by SUPER-USER POSTDOCS (from Ted H. or Phil C labs – see list on the facility dry erase board. (4) The one SUPER USERER from each lab will be required to help maintain the Orbitrap and expected to train others in there respective laboratories on the Orbitrap. (5) Running of submitted samples will be on a staff time availability basis.


File:  Overview Memo R4, rev 4/29/2015