18th Annual Joseph F. Bunnett Symposium

Mastery over foldamers should provide access to a new universe of molecules that profoundly influence chemistry and society. "Foldamers - A Manifesto" Samuel H. Gellman 1998

Friday, May 4

Dr. Samuel Gellman
Ralph F. Hirschmann Professor of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin - Madison

"Functional Foldamers" 

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Professor Gellman is an early pioneer in the field of “molecular recognition”, which used biomolecules such as proteins and DNA as inspiration for the design of novel molecules and materials. One of his signature contributions in this area was the invention of “foldamers”, molecules whose name derives from their ability to fold into interesting 3-dimensional structures to produce complex, functional molecules with a wide variety of applications, from biomedicine to materials science. 

 Folded biopolymers perform diverse functions, which often require the adoption of a specific conformation. There is growing interest in the prospect that biopolymer functions might be recapitulated and perhaps even improved upon with unnatural oligomers that manifest discrete folding preferences, or "foldamers". This lecture will focus on recent progess in the use of α/β-peptides (i.e., peptides containing both α- and β-amino acid residues) to mimic information-rich surfaces displayed by natural polypeptides. The resulting foldamers can inhibit specific protein-protein interactions, or they can augment signaling through polypeptide-activated receptors. Advantages of the α/β-peptides include resistance to proteolysis and the ability to transmit signals that differ in subtle ways from those of a prototype α-peptide.

4:30 pm Registration, Poster Session, Reception - Physical Sciences Building Atrium

5:30 pm Lecture & Awards at Baskin Engineering Auditorium

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