Research poster presentations prior to the annual Bunnett Symposium

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Seminar Series

Weekly research seminars held during the academic year.  Invited speakers are widely recognized experts in their respective fields whose research programs have broad appeal to scientists working within and across chemical and biological subdisciplines.  

In addition, the department holds a Student Seminar Series. Upon completion of the Ph.D. degree, each student gives a public talk centered on his or her graduate research. Student talks also include the 2nd year seminar, in which each student enrolled in the Chemistry and Biochemistry graduate program gives a public seminar.

 Fall Conference

The Department Fall Conference held annually is attended by faculty, researchers, postdocs, and grad students.  Day long event which includes a key note speaker, scientific talks from each lab group, and a poster session.

Bunnett Symposium

The Bunnett lecture series is hosted annually by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in honor of Professor Emeritus Joseph Bunnett.  

Fink Symposium

This biennial event was established in 2010 to honor and celebrate Professor Tony Fink’s exceptionally distinguished career in Biomedical Chemistry.