Chemistry Graduate Student Jocelyn Macho Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

June 08, 2018

Jocelyn Macho, a first-year graduate student in the MacMillan laboratory, has received a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Jocelyn will use her fellowship to study the chemistry and biology of a novel mosquitocidal agent that was isolated from a marine-derived bacteria. The natural product shows promising potency and selectivity against adult and larval stage mosquitos, but shows no toxicity to other insects.

Jocelyn will work on enhancing the potency of the natural product through chemical synthesis and build chemical biology probes to better understand the mechanism of action. The overall goal is to advance a novel mosquitocidal agent for vector-control of mosquito borne diseases. In addition to the scientific component, as part of her broader impacts, Jocelyn will work with First-Gen and Hispanic students interested in STEM fields develop skills for careers in science.  This is a passionate topic for Jocelyn, who is Cuban-American and a First-Gen graduate.