NMR Facility

The NMR facility brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers comprising of faculty from Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. Presently the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry NMR facility manages three high resolution NMR spectrometers.  A Varian INOVA 600 equipped with a 600MHz Cold Probe System, two (2) Varian Unity+500’s.  All three NB spectrometers are configured with multinuclear, 3 channel, waveform generator, PFG, Automated Z-axis Gradient Shimming and Inverse Detection capabilities.  Initial funding was by the Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust, and W. M. Keck Foundation, as well as individual research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and other sources available to UCSC.

The Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Department of Biology are engaged in NMR structural elucidation of anticancer natural product isolation from marine organisms, organic intermediates for drug synthesis, specially designed peptide intermediates, and oligonucleotide derivatives which remain attached to solid supports.

Ongoing studies include:

  • Nucleic acid structural elucidation relevant to cancer.
  • The mechanism of action of bleomycins which play an important role in anticancer therapy.
  • Structural elucidation of organoborane derivatives relevant to biomedicine.
  • The biochemical mechanisms of enviornmental toxicants.
  • Peptide and protein structural studies, including amide proton exchange relevant to the protein folding problem which are directly pertinent to certain disease states.
  • the structural elucidation of bioactive natural products, as medicinal leads
  • the synthesis of designed nitroxides and alkoxyamines for applications in nanotechnology and biomedicine
  • the de novo synthesis of challenging bioactive natural products, including the development of synthetic methodology


Varian Unity Inova 600
This system, equipped with a 600 MHz HCN 5mm Cold Probe System (default probe) provides a dramatic increase in sensitivity for structure determination of natural products, proteins, drugs, nuclei acids and other complex bioorganic compound mixtures.

Two (2) Varian Unity500+
These two (2) systems provide hands on access to a state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers  for all qualified researchers and students. 5mm Direct and Inverse Detection probes, MRM Capillary µFlowProbe,  3mm (HCN) probe, and Nanoprobe capabilities are available.