Research Subdisciplines

Brief Overview of Faculty Research Areas

Navigation pages to the left contain a complete list of the faculty and a brief description of their research interests. It also lists individual links to faculty webpages, which include information on education, current research focus and publications. 

The traditional division of chemistry into organic, inorganic, physical and biological is still useful in describing some aspects of our core teaching. However, over the last decades, the boundary between these sub-disciplines has been blurred to such a degree that it is much more useful to describe chemistry in terms of broadly defined research areas. The main strengths of our department lie in the areas of biophysical/biomedical science and nanomaterial research. Amost all of our faculty research is concentrated in these two areas. The concentration in a few areas helps achieve critical mass for the successful purchase and support of key instruments and for attracting graduate students, and it thus allows us to make significant impact in these two fields. 

Research Area Chart